AZTEC Linear, Inc.

Line Painting

Specializing in the application of basic white and yellow paint and beads for roads, major highways and parking lots.

Epoxy Markings

Experts in epoxy pavement markings for high quality appearance, sustainability and durability

Paint Removal

Our fleet also includes a vehicle specifically designed for pavement marking removal on all major and local roads, along with airport rubber removal for runways.

Since 1993

About AZTEC Linear, Inc.

In 1998 AZTEC Linear Inc., was a one-vehicle fleet that specialized in pavement markings for local community businesses near DuBois, Pennsylvania.

As time progressed, AZTEC Linear Inc., soon grew its fleet and expertise to pavement markings for state and federal roads for PennDot and major contractors.

Due to this venture, AZTEC Linear was also able to expand their service territory and line painting capabilities. They now service counties outside the central Pennsylvania lines, while adding epoxy pavement markings and removal to their list of qualifications.

A growing company located in the heart of Pennsylvania, AZTEC Linear looks to better the community not just in their work, but also in providing jobs and opportunities for local small-town communities.